A minimalistic tool for peak baggers

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What is Peakbase?

Peakbase makes it easy to collect peaks, and visualize the ones you haven't yet ascended. With Peakbase, you can also register the dates of your ascents.

How do I use Peakbase?

To start using Peakbase, you have three options:

  1. Use the default peakbase: Click "Start new peakbase", which loads a ready-to-use peakbase with over 38 000 peaks in Norway already registered.
  2. Upload an existing file with locations: This could be a GPX-file created using another tool, or your existing peakbase.
  3. Start from scratch: Double-click on locations in the map to register new peaks.

Whether you use the pre-existing peakbase (option 1 and 2) or start building your own from scratch (option 3), the registered peaks will appear as red markers in the map. To mark peaks as ascended/visited, click on them and confirm, and the markers will turn blue, indicating that you have "bagged" that peak.

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Why should I use Peakbase?

While the simplest way to collect peaks is to write them down in a list, Peakbase enables you to visualize your collection on a map. This makes it easy to see where you have been, and where to plan your next peak bagging trip.

Peakbase gives you simple tools to manage your collection, without making things over-complicated. If you want to focus in being outdoors and enjoying the views rather than sitting in front of your computer screen, use Peakbase to collect your peaks!

Peakbase is designed to avoid the need for yet another user account. Instead of logging in, you upload your peakbase, and when you are done, you just download the updated version of the file. Store your peakbase wherever you like!


Peakbase is a minimalistic tool for peak baggers (those who collect ascents of peaks). The functionality consists of:

The tool is designed to do one thing, and do it well, and with privacy in mind. You control your own data, and everything the tool does happens locally in your browser, except loading the background map. This means that you don't have to create a user account, or share your data with anoyone else. It also means that you can download this tool and keep it stored offline, and it will be usable forever, totally independent of whether the developer of Peakbase keeps the tool online or not.

Peakbase can also be used to register other points of interest as well. Example of locations to collect:

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