A minimalistic tool for peak baggers
Peakbase is in active development. Please submit bug reports, feature requests etc to

General concept

  1. Upload your peakbase-file, or a gpx-file containing locations of peaks (skip this step if you are starting from scratch).
  2. Add peaks and ascents.
  3. Download your peakbase-file after you are finished editing.
  4. Start from the top the next time you want to register new peaks and ascents.

Peakbase is designed to avoid the need for a user account and a backend server. Instead of logging in, you just upload your peakbase-file, and when you are done, you just download the updated version of the file.

Detailed usage

Map legend

Add peaks to your peakbase-file

Register peak as visited

Register ascent with date

Download your peakbase-file

General tips


Peakbase is a minimalistic tool for peak baggers (those who collect ascents of peaks). The functionality consists of:

The tool is designed with the following things in mind: Other things to keep in mind: